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Popular Standard Water Pack

PET Water Bottle

Ideal taste which has sodium-free, fat-free & gluten-free.

Pack of 20 Bottles

Nabae El Neel

Easy To-go Pack

PET Bottle Pack

Resealable bottled water - perfect for when you're on the go.

Pack of 24 Bottles

Nabae El Neel

Popular Family Water Pack

Water PET Pack

Ideal for family use during all the day. Enhanced with blend of minerals for a refreshingly taste.

Pack of 12 Bottles

Nabae El Neel

Plastic Transparent Water Bottle

Bottle 'TAP' Head

Nabae El Neel® water contains calcium, chlorides, magnesium and TDS; for healthy well-being.

Pack of 4 Bottles

Nabae El Neel

Common Commercial Pack

5 Gallon Bottle

This Bottle is ideal for your business or home. Use instead of drinking tap water full of chlorine.

Individual-Sized Plastic Bottles

Nabae El Neel
Nabae El Neel

About us

Nabae El Neel®
freshens your life.

Nabae El Neel® is fresh and pure bottled natural drinking water as it is extracted from one of the best natural and pure sources in the world - the Nile river, consisting of both unflavored and flavored water, produced by OuDek.

  • Flushing out waste from body.
  • Regulating body temperature.
  • Helping your brain function.
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What we Offer

Our Range

Still Water

Nabae El Neel

Nabae El Neel® water doesn't have any fizz to it. Still water is seen as a healthier alternative to soft drinks.

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Nabae El Neel

Nabae El Neel® filtered sparkling water are a great, natural, healthier substitute to drinking tap water.

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Nabae El Neel

Nabae El Neel® flavored water is sweetened with 100% of natural sweeteners flavorings.

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how it made

Our Quality
3 steps to healthy water


We choose the purest and finest water sources in the Nile river.


We produce purified water by deionization, distillation and reverse osmosis.


We perform the cleanliness and sanitary conditions of our bottling facility,

vision & Commitments

Our Values


Nabae El Neel® is committed to deliver exceptional quality and value, To Share success with our clients.


Integrity and using facts to build our strategies. To create an environment for positive change built on collaboration and trust.


We insist on excellence in all we do for customers, striving always to improve each detail in our industry.


We accept individual responsibility for our commitments. Sustainability strategy .....

Nabae El Neel
Nabae El Neel
Nabae El Neel
Nabae El Neel
Nabae El Neel
Nabae El Neel
Nabae El Neel

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Nabae El Neel
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